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2012 Denver Colorado Renter Guide

Courtesy of the Apartment Association of Metro Denver is the 2012 Denver Colorado Renter Guide.  It is especially helpful for young and first time renters, or those that haven’t rented an apartment in Denver for quite some time.

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Apartment GuyZ usually gets these questions from renters so please call for clarification.  The 2012 Colorado Renter Resource Guide is also a great source of clarification for these typical renter questions.

Q:  How much rent can I afford?

A:  30% of your income is typically what Denver landlords feel you can afford.  It isn’t necessarily what you want to pay, or what you should pay, but is a good guideline when assessing neighborhoods and a personal rental budget.

Q:  What do Denver landlords look for when qualifying renters?

A:  Denver landlords typically run a credit, eviction, and criminal background search.  Tenant screening companies have made running criminal background and eviction checks on renters accessible to all Denver landlords that if you are felon and in many cases have a misdemeanor you will run into difficulty.  If you felony is over 8 years old and misdemeanor over 3 years Apartment Guyz may be able to match you up with a landlord that will accept you.

Q:  How much of a deposit can a Denver landlord ask for?

A:  Denver Colorado has no restrictions on what a landlord can ask for a deposit.  Private landlords typically ask for one month’s rent, but it can be more.  Apartment communities are typically a more affordable option as Denver apartment deposits usually range from $99-$400.  Landlords can charge extra deposits to renters with credit issues.

Q:  How do I rent an apartment without a job?

A:  This is a very good question often asked by renters moving to Denver in order to attend school or find a job.  Some landlords will require that you have enough savings to cover the rent if you do not make 2.5 to 3 times rent for monthly income.  Others may want a co-signer.  More may just say no.  Best option if you are relocating to Denver for a job or school is to call Apartment Guyz as you can be pointed to landlords that will work with your particular situation.

Renting is one of the most stressful parts of moving to a new city.  Being a well informed renter will help you make good decisions, ensure you are treated fairly, and know how to resolve issues should a problem arise.  Apartment Guyz have been assisting Denver renters for 12 years and can be one of the most valuable resources to a renter moving to Denver.  Rent better, call Apartment Guyz.