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2012 Denver Colorado Renter Guide

Courtesy of the Apartment Association of Metro Denver is the 2012 Denver Colorado Renter Guide.  It is especially helpful for young and first time renters, or those that haven’t rented an apartment in Denver for quite some time.

Click Here for the full article.

Apartment GuyZ usually gets these questions from renters so please call for clarification.  The 2012 Colorado Renter Resource Guide is also a great source of clarification for these typical renter questions.

Q:  How much rent can I afford?

A:  30% of your income is typically what Denver landlords feel you can afford.  It isn’t necessarily what you want to pay, or what you should pay, but is a good guideline when assessing neighborhoods and a personal rental budget.

Q:  What do Denver landlords look for when qualifying renters?

A:  Denver landlords typically run a credit, eviction, and criminal background search.  Tenant screening companies have made running criminal background and eviction checks on renters accessible to all Denver landlords that if you are felon and in many cases have a misdemeanor you will run into difficulty.  If you felony is over 8 years old and misdemeanor over 3 years Apartment Guyz may be able to match you up with a landlord that will accept you.

Q:  How much of a deposit can a Denver landlord ask for?

A:  Denver Colorado has no restrictions on what a landlord can ask for a deposit.  Private landlords typically ask for one month’s rent, but it can be more.  Apartment communities are typically a more affordable option as Denver apartment deposits usually range from $99-$400.  Landlords can charge extra deposits to renters with credit issues.

Q:  How do I rent an apartment without a job?

A:  This is a very good question often asked by renters moving to Denver in order to attend school or find a job.  Some landlords will require that you have enough savings to cover the rent if you do not make 2.5 to 3 times rent for monthly income.  Others may want a co-signer.  More may just say no.  Best option if you are relocating to Denver for a job or school is to call Apartment Guyz as you can be pointed to landlords that will work with your particular situation.

Renting is one of the most stressful parts of moving to a new city.  Being a well informed renter will help you make good decisions, ensure you are treated fairly, and know how to resolve issues should a problem arise.  Apartment Guyz have been assisting Denver renters for 12 years and can be one of the most valuable resources to a renter moving to Denver.  Rent better, call Apartment Guyz.


Investing in rentals in Denver? Read this.

Having Property in Denver

In Colorado, Denver is a highly preferred living location. It is also viewed as a good option for real estate property investment. Owning rental properties can be a challenge since it demands lot of time, money, and energy in maintenance. And when you are spending so much you deserve high return on investment. You can get this with good renters. Here, Apartment Guyz can help property owners find good renters in Denver. Being highly experienced in the real estate industry and a BBB A+ rated agency, Apartment Guyz aids in increasing the value of your property.

Market Value of Property

In order to get high market value, you need to invest in a property located in well-developed areas. Good location and nicely developed areas will get you good and potential renters. Lesser developed areas charge lower rent amounts since they provide fewer facilities to the renters. You need to check the rent prices of nearby apartment and properties to get an idea of ongoing rent rates in the area. Apartment Guyz can help you with this search and rate inquiries. We can guide you to properties that can earn better return on investment from the market.

Be Aware About Cost and Return

When investing in any property, one more thing to look for is renovation. If you end up investing in a property that has lot of repair expenses then it can diminish your desired profits. At Apartment Guyz, we can help you find properties that are well maintained where you don’t have to spend on renovations or repairs.

Utilization of Property

When you invest in a property you need to be sure of “why”. Are you buying it to self-occupy it or do you want to lease it out. If you want to lease it then you need to do it ASAP to start your return on investment. Leaving the property vacant for longer time will only hurt your investment. Apartment Guyz can help you lease out your property quickly with less hassles.

Screen Potential Tenants

If you are planning to look for tenants on your own then do keep in mind that you have to screen them as well. But at Apartment Guyz we take care of this headache. We screen potential tenants for their credit history, rental history, criminal history, their workplace, number of adults that would occupy the property, etc. We make sure that you do not end up having tenants that have evictions or felonies against their names.

Housing Rules

Each city and housing community has its own set of housing rules. When you lease out your property you need to communicate these to the tenant. Not doing so can hurt your property lease. We at Apartment Guyz maintain all the required information on housing rules. We keep ourselves updated with housing rules of different housing communities. So if you get your property listed with us, we can find you renters who are suitable for these rules and who agree. This makes leasing easy and transparent for you and the tenant.

For help and a free landlord consultation please call Apartment Guyz today or contact us.

Littleton Apartment Rates Soar

An influx of young professionals to the Denver Metro area and lack of construction has caused rental rates to soar, especially in Littleton.

If you consider that we are finally getting back to rental rates seen 10 years ago at the start of the recession it looks like a good indicator that the economy is rebounding.

For renters that got used to paying unusually low rental rates it feels like the market is worsening.

Apartment Guyz has gotten hundreds of calls from renters whose rent is being raised $150-$400 monthly. That’s a significant increase and usually forces a move.

There are still rental deals available, and that’s where Apartment Guyz’s expertise comes in. If you are new to the Denver metro area and looking to move to a suburb like Littleton, Englewood, or Centennial, give us a ring. You’ll be glad you did.

South Denver apartment rental – Pet Free!

Denver apartment rental from Apartment Guyz:

South Denver gorgeous 1 bed first floor available now.  Full size W/D hookups.  This is a rare community because it is and always has been totally pet free.  If you want a pet free apartment rental in Denver this is one of two communities out of 380 of our active listings.

For rental information call 303-649-0705 and reference property number  2800



Renters build your credit fast!

Denver apartment managers don’t require mass quantities of good credit, but your credit score can affect the quality of the community you qualify for.  If you are wondering what type of credit you need to get a nice apartment, approximately 640 and up will get you just about anything, and 540 and up can be worked on case by case.  It’s easier to rent an apartment than to go to the bank for a loan because factors like income, criminal record, and rental history affect how lenient the manager will be with your credit score.  Apartment Guyz knows the questions to ask you and will use that information to the right manager.

If you want to build your credit fast though, I used Orchard Bank to help me rebuild my credit fast and it worked.  It’s not a paid advertisement, just a link to the website for a company I use and trust.  Use whatever card service, I’m not sure it matters, just ensure they report to all three credit bureaus.

I trashed my credit in my youth and spent the next 5 years paying it off.  After 7 years the negative lines dropped off but I didn’t start using credit again for another year.  When it came time for me to rent an apartment for myself, I had difficulty getting approved at the apartments in Denver I advertise for.  I needed credit fast, and a nice place to live.
I found a secured card that reported to all 3 credit bureaus.  After about 6 months my credit was up to a 640 from 570, pretty much good enough to get any apartment rental in the Metro area.  After 12 months they converted it to unsecured and gave me my deposit back.  I then got a Chase card with 0 interest for 18 months and started using that like a debit card.  I paid just about the entire balance off monthly, but always left a small balance.
After the initial 6 months I did some other things to push my score into the 700’s, including getting 2 department store cards from Target and Dillards.
I’m not a credit expert, but have a lot of good and bad experience and this is what worked for me.  If you need to repair or build credit start now.  If you need an apartment before your credit is repaired, call Apartment Guyz.
Brandon Hegland
Apartment Guyz LLC


Renters – How to use Direct Connect with landlords

Apartment Searching 101 Series

Apartment GuyZ custom database offers searches “Direct Connect” options, allowing renters to communicate with landlords and properties securely, privately and quickly using your Apartment GuyZ renter profile.

All you need to do is log into your profile and select “click to call” or “click to message” the property you’re interested and they will be notified right away.

Apartment managers and your assigned agent then match you up with available Denver apartments, townhomes, lofts, and condo rentals that best fit your needs based on personality, budget, credit standing, pets, and more making finding the perfect rental easier than ever.

Because Denver apartment managers know they are competing for your business, you get a better price and as always our service is free for renters.

Apartment Guyz has an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, and tons of 5 star online reviews from past renters.  Check out our reviews, then give us a call.  You’ll be glad you did.


How easy it “Direct Connect?” Try it for yourself.  To start your search online now, please create a detailed profile:

Start your Denver Apartment Search Here

Start your Denver apartment search here!

Popular Denver Neighborhood Rental Map

Denver neighborhoods for rentals sometimes differ from neighborhoods that are popular for renters. We used our 10 years of Denver apartment finding experience to create a map to help renters that are not from Denver figure out where they want to be. This map is always being added to and as always, we want your feedback. Use the Contact Us form on this site to send suggestions for this map or our website in general. Thanks and enjoy!

View Denver Apartments and Neighborhoods in a larger map

Congratulations to Apartment Girl Raechel H.

Searching for a two word name that describes our new system of landlord/Renter matching and bidding system was getting brutal.  In order to pick a name we turned to the Apartment GuyZ representatives as they are on the front lines every day.

Raechel H. came up with Direct Connect and we loved it.  Was it a landslide?  Not even.  With submissions from fellow rock stars like “Super Suave 5 star Denver apartment rock stars” and my personal favorite “Rico Suave” it was a tough choice.

Raechel was heard saying, “Direct connect came to me while feeding my cat.”

Congratulations Raechel!

Raechel Haskel's cat

Renters – How to use Direct Connect with landlords

Apartment Guyz offers direct connect with landlords which allows renters to create a private profile that describes their needs and situation.

Our service to renters is fast, friendly, and free because we get paid by landlords to quickly fill untis with pre-qualified renters.  Here are two options for finding your next Denver loft, condo, apartment, townhome, or flat rental.

How to use Apartment GuyZ personal service:

  1. Call Apartment GuyZ at 303-649-0705 We’re open 7 days a week, evenings too!
  2. Log in to the profile your Apartment GuyZ rep created for you and review rentals.
  3. Click Request Quote on property listings you like best.
  4. Managers send you quotes and tell you which rentals best fit your needs.
  5. You pick your favorite landlord and rental.
  6. Notify your Apartment GuyZ rep that your search is done and your account is inactivated.  (Not deleted, and can be reactivated)

How do use the online version:

  1. Create a renter profile on our database site RentApartments.Info.  Be thorough on things like floor preference, type of property you like, pets, credit history, etc.  Don’t worry, landlords won’t see personal info like email or phone number.
  2. Apartment GuyZ will review your profile, call if necessary to put your profile into language the landlords understand.
  3. Your Apartment GuyZ rep will add property listings that fit your needs to a favorites account and notify managers.
  4. Managers log in to their accounts, see your general profile, and send you a quote.*
  5. You review properties, landlords, quotes, and pick the one you like best.
  6. Notify your Apartment GuyZ rep that your search is complete.  Your account is inactivated and landlords can no longer message you.
*Quotes are generally better than deals you find online because managers know they are competing for your business with other landlords.
Best Denver Apartment Finder Service

Landlords: How to find the best renter

Apartment GuyZ is a Denver apartment finder service with more than 15 years of experience in the metro area. We are the most successful advertiser of apartments in Denver with thousands of rentals filled every year.

Please see our Additional Servicesinfo if you need tenant screening, lease preparation, maintenance, or other landlord services.

So how can landlords find good renters, fast? Working with Apartment GuyZ is a good start.

We are experts at filling your rentals fast.

How landlords can find the best renters:

Personal Service:

  1. Call Apartment GuyZ at 303-649-0705.
  2. An Apartment GuyZ rep will take your property listing information and create a beautiful listing on our database site RentApartments.Info.
  3. Delivery of pre-qualified renters that are looking for rentals just like yours starts immediately.
  4. Review profiles of renters, interview the renters you think will like your rental most and are the most qualified based on credit, rental history, employment and renter preferences.
  5. Sign a lease and notify your representative so we can inactivate your listing.
  6. Listing stays in our database, should you need help again, give us a call.

Online Listing Service:

  1. Go to RentApartments.Info and create a new Manager Account.
  2. Once logged in to your new Manager Account, in your Member Area click Add New Property.
  3. An Apartment GuyZ representative will review your listing for completeness and call if necessary.
  4. Click on Referred Renters to view renters matched to your property.
  5. Click on the name of the renter to view the renter profile.
  6. Use the Message Renter tool to send the renter a quote.  Remember, other managers are competing for these renters so offering them a deal is always a good idea.
  7. Make a deal with the renter of your choice.
  8. Call Apartment GuyZ or email to deactivate your account.  Renters will no longer be able to search for and request quotes for your property.

Questions? Give us a call.


Landlord Additional Services

Are you a landlord in need of additional services?  Here are some things we can help with.  Use one or all of our services:

  • Resident Screening (subject to landlord approval)
  • Lease Preparation (Use of Colorado Apartment Association approved leases)
  • Property Showing Service
  • Craigslist Ad Posting
  • Maintenance referrals
  • Property Evaluations
  • Current Market Analysis
Have a need we don’t list?  We’ve been in the rental business for over 10 years, if we don’t provide a rental service you need chances are we know someone that does!  Use the Contact form on this site and tell us what you need.

Centennial apartments for rent

Centennial apartments for rent are getting harder to find as Centennial is one of the most sought after rental neighborhoods in the Denver metro area.  Apartment GuyZ always has a line on a landlord with a great deal and if you didn’t use our service you may be missing out on an opportunity to get free rent!

Today’s featured listing is an upgraded 2 bedroom sandwiched between Shops of Southglen and the Denver Tech Center.  This luxury 2 bed rental has w/d or w/d included.

Centennial Apartments for rent.

SE Denver Upscale 2 Bed

For rent in Denver:  2 Bed 2 Bath plus attached garage.  Condo and townhome style rentals.

Denver Loft Rental

Denver loft rental in the Golden Triangle.  Upscale 1 and 2 bedroom lofts.  First floor units with polished concrete and enormous ceilings giving it a hard core loft look.  Upper floors have hardwood and high ceilings giving it a soft loft look and feel.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Where are you moving from?
Moving To ?
Please enter the city in the Denver metro you prefer to move to. If unknown just enter Denver or unsure.
Zip Code Preference
If you have some zip codes in mind please enter here.
Best time to reach you?
Please describe the area or type of area you'd like. ?
We can help match you up by area you prefer or personality. (Urban, suburban, social, quiet etc.)
Desired Move-in Date
Absolute max rent:
We don't want to waste your time, please give us the absolute maximum you are willing or able to pay. We'll always try to come in cheaper.
Number of Bedrooms
Do you have pets?
If you have pets: What kind & Weight?
Additional Information