12/6/2011 Denver Direct Connect lets landlords bid on renters

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Denver Direct Connect by Apartment Guyz is the first service to allow landlords to bid on a renter’s business. A renter creates a profile on Apartment Guyz property listing website, RentApartments.Info, and Apartment Guyz will review and have landlords with properties that fit the renter needs send quotes through the system.

When the renter is finished with their search, bidding ends and no more messages can be sent to the renter. Brandon from Apartment Guyz was quoted, “It’s changing the way renters search and secure the best deals. It maintains the privacy of the renter and for the first time in history landlords are competing for a renter’s business and not the other way around.”

What makes Apartment Guyz different than a website or book? Plenty. Apartment Guyz offers the only internet listing service that is for actively searching renters only and offers a real time search assistant. While you are searching for properties, Apartment Guyz is behind the scene reviewing your profile and making recommendations. Imagine if Google had a live person experienced in what you’re searching for assisting you as you’re using the site and that’s what you get with RentApartments.Info.

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