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Denver apartment managers don’t require mass quantities of good credit, but your credit score can affect the quality of the community you qualify for.  If you are wondering what type of credit you need to get a nice apartment, approximately 640 and up will get you just about anything, and 540 and up can be worked on case by case.  It’s easier to rent an apartment than to go to the bank for a loan because factors like income, criminal record, and rental history affect how lenient the manager will be with your credit score.  Apartment Guyz knows the questions to ask you and will use that information to the right manager.

If you want to build your credit fast though, I used Orchard Bank to help me rebuild my credit fast and it worked.  It’s not a paid advertisement, just a link to the website for a company I use and trust.  Use whatever card service, I’m not sure it matters, just ensure they report to all three credit bureaus.

I trashed my credit in my youth and spent the next 5 years paying it off.  After 7 years the negative lines dropped off but I didn’t start using credit again for another year.  When it came time for me to rent an apartment for myself, I had difficulty getting approved at the apartments in Denver I advertise for.  I needed credit fast, and a nice place to live.
I found a secured card that reported to all 3 credit bureaus.  After about 6 months my credit was up to a 640 from 570, pretty much good enough to get any apartment rental in the Metro area.  After 12 months they converted it to unsecured and gave me my deposit back.  I then got a Chase card with 0 interest for 18 months and started using that like a debit card.  I paid just about the entire balance off monthly, but always left a small balance.
After the initial 6 months I did some other things to push my score into the 700’s, including getting 2 department store cards from Target and Dillards.
I’m not a credit expert, but have a lot of good and bad experience and this is what worked for me.  If you need to repair or build credit start now.  If you need an apartment before your credit is repaired, call Apartment Guyz.
Brandon Hegland
Apartment Guyz LLC


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