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Employee Relocation Assistance

Free employee relocation offered by Apartment GuyZ

Our free assistance includes access to online listings, live chat support, individual assistance from qualified locators and advice on where to live in Denver.

It’s free because hundreds of landlords want employees of the largest Denver employers to live at their property, so they pay Apartment Guyz to bring employees moving to Denver to their rental properties.

Working with HR/employees on relocation

Denver employee relocation programs are rarely sponsored by companies anymore and the cost of moving to Denver generally is the responsibility of the employees.

Even some of Colorado’s largest employers like Dish Network, Echostar, Comcast, Kaiser, and Ch2M Hill no longer contribute company dollars to moving an employee to Denver.

Apartment GuyZ ensures employees get the best price available in the nicest rentals reducing the stress and cost of moving to Denver. Employees have an easier time moving to Denver and employers have an employee more focused on their new job than wondering if they made a good choice.

Flexible leasing options for employees relocating to Denver

One of the largest expenses in moving to Denver is obtaining a short or long term rental. Denver rentals are priced by demand and by length of the lease, making odd lease times extremely expensive.

Our agents know the market inside and out, and can offer guidance on the properties that offer more flexible lease options or a better deal on pricing. We pride ourselves in our expertise and knowledge and ability to steer people towards the rental that fits their budget and wish list.

Even if you work for a smaller company or your employer is not on our list of employers eligible for rental discounts and free rent we are continually adding to all Denver employers large and small.

Apartment GuyZ relocation services

We’ll work with you closely to implement the goals of your relocation program effectively whether it’s a large group move, key employee relocations, high level executive transferee, individual relocations, families, domestic or international moves.

We provide placement throughout the Denver metro area including DTC, LODO, downtown, Cherry Creek, Boulder and the Highlands.

  • Rental finding & locating
  • Temporary housing assistance
  • Neighborhood 0rientation & tours (when available)
If you are an employer wanting assistance for your employees or are an employee relocating to Denver for work and want more information about the Apartment Guyz free employee relocation program please call the employee relocation hotline at 303-649-0705.

Moving to Denver: Market Update

A City on the Rise

Moving to Denver is an exciting experience. We are currently attracting well educated young professionals, retirees, students, and people just looking for a better climate and lifestyle. Denver has a relatively mild climate with many outdoor activities like Skiing and hiking as well as great beer, sports teams and a growing foodie scene.

So it’s no surprise people are taking notice (and probably why you’re reading this now).

Redefining Apartment Living

Over the last few years Downtown Denver has had a total remake including thousands of brand new upscale apartments. Along with rising prices, these communities bring convenience and luxury to living in Denver to a whole new scale. Working with more than 600+ communities, we’ve seen about everything including:

  • Rooftop pools
  • Heated garages
  • On-site personal trainers
  • Maid and pet walkers on call
  • Valet car parking
  • Bike repair shops
  • Dog washes
  • On-site markets

Of course, not every property boasts all these amenities (nor should they). However, this level of service in so many downtown Denver apartments means renters can not only enjoy more upscale options but also the more typical amenities are becoming common place (dishwashers, garages, etc).

Additionally, 2016 will see another 1,000+ apartments added to the market. Many of these properties are going into the suburbs like Littleton, Lakewood, Denver Tech Center, and Aurora — in addition to growing neighborhoods such as Sloans Lake.

The great thing about these apartments is the location. Most of these brand new apartment communities are built on the light rail.  For a map of the light rail system visit RTD here.

Many Denver apartment communities advertise direct access to the light rail but that may not be the case.  Still, with an overall approval rating of 4.2 out of 5 even if you have to make one transfer from bus to light rail these properties will still be a good option.

Apartment Units Up, Vacancies Down

Despite the additional properties coming to Denver, the influx of people is still outpacing construction. Ongoing reports show vacancies (the amount of available rentals) continue to shrink — and available rent specials and good deals shrink right along with it.

Fortunately, Apartment Guyz are experts in researching options for you. Find affordable luxury Denver rentals that best fit your needs based on personality, commute, budget, credit standing, location to public transit, and more.

Contact Apartment GuyZ today at 303-649-0705 or start your search now.

Eight Awesome Reasons to Move to Denver

Considering the move but need something to really push you this way? I’ve got eight. That’s right… 8 things that make every other city seem more like than a destination city.

Our top reasons to move to Denver (or at least eight of them)

1. Craft Beer.Denver is home to more craft beer brewries than anywhere in the United States. Colorado is also home to Coors Brewery and Budweiser.

2. Red Rocks.What’s better than your typical concert venue? An amphitheater.What’s better than your typical amphitheater? A natural one, silly. What’s better than your typical natural amphitheater? One that’s nestled in the foothills of the Rockie’s and is probably the greatest venue on all of the Earth… duh. And they play movies there? Get out! What’s that? You can workout there, too? Stop it!

3. Denver puts the ‘No’ in Snow.The benevolent mother nature in Denver understands that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. That’s why she’s quick to melt the snow. It’s the best of both worlds. All of the snow, but without the mess that sticks around.

4. Denver Cruiser Ride.Ever wish that Halloween came around more often? Well, you’re in luck if you live in Denver. We take to the streets every summer Wednesday for the largest social bike ride in the country. With a different theme each night, you’re sure to get your costume fix.

5.Music, Culture and People.Denver’s got one of the hottest music scenes in the country right now. We’re home to a few of the current chart-topping artists and there’s always a good show playing somewhere. But the people here are what make it worth experiencing. You’ll hardly ever hear the same story twice… because everybody has a different background and culture. Just one big melting pot of Denverites who love music and are more passionate about lifestyle than the size of their bank accounts.

6. Sports. Denver has every major sports type and then some.

7. REI Denver Flagship.Ever long for that “Oh my god, we’re going to Toys-R-Us!” feeling as an adult? This is where your inner child comes out to shine. But it’ll get you in trouble. Not like “15 feet up a rock face and nowhere to go” trouble. Financial trouble. It’s literally an adult playground.REI Flagship Store in Denver is one reason to move to CO

8. Skiing, Biking, Volleyball, Fly Fishing, Hiking & More. Like to get outdoors? So do we. In fact, Denverites enjoy just about every sport year-round. Every season has its own specialty and most of us enjoy them all.

If you’ve got some reasons of your own, feel free to chime in and let me know what makes Denver better in your eyes.

Best Rated Rental Downtown Denver

Want to find the best rated apartments in Denver?

Apartment Guyz has been filling Denver area rentals for nearly 20 years. Year after year we get feedback from renters we helped place. We are also in touch with the communities themselves on a regular basis about everything from one-day specials to planned upgrades.

This is valuable information you won’t find online.

So if you’re looking for a property to rent, give us a call or register online for our service. We’d love to answer any of your questions and help find you the perfect home today.

Yes, I said rent specials in Denver

Current outlook for Denver rentals

Denver apartment prices are still rising. The cause? Over 4,000,000 more renters in the U.S. marketplace vs. this time in 2007, and lack of the addition of new apartments. Even though 96% of renters surveyed say they plan to buy in the future prices are quickly rising on home prices due to lack of new home construction.

Soon home prices will be beyond the reach of renters in the under 54 age group. Additional funding issues like high personal debt to income ratios are keeping would be home owners in the rental market longer.

Everything is pointing towards higher rents, and Denver is on the leading edge. There is some relief coming. New home construction is up 60% since this time last year and new home inventory is up 12%. Additionally, an estimated 19,000 apartment rentals will be coming online in 2014 and 2015. Both of these factors will most likely not bring down rent prices but may slow rent price increases and increase rent specials for renters.

Yes, I said rent specials

There are good deals to be found. True, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but that’s what Apartment GuyZ does and if you are moving to Denver, Apartment GuyZ tracks rents and specials daily. Our database and and of almost 300 properties with over 4,500 apartments, townhomes, and lofts available help you find that needle.

Rent specials typically start in late November and early December, but this year apartment rent concessions like one month free rent started in early October making November the busiest rental month of 2013.

December and January is already boasting some of the best rent specials of the year. Rents are still high, but getting free rent up front or spread out over the course of a lease, drastically reduces the rental rates in Denver by as much as $200 a month.

To find the best apartment deals in Denver, and affordable luxury rentals call Apartment GuyZ today or use the contact form on this site to start your search now.

How to find a Denver apartment on a holiday weekend

Sometimes long holiday weekends are the best time to rent Denver apartments.  Apartment Guyz can arrange tours on most holidays, and can also seek out holiday apartment deals.  Take advantage of your holiday, book your apartment so you don’t have to use vacation days to move, and get a better deal!


Lakewood Two Bedroom Apartment on Light Rail

The best Lakewood apartments are difficult to find available right now, but Apartment Guyz has the Lakewood apartment you’re looking for.  Many easily accessible to Downtown Denver thanks to the newest light rail W line.  One bedroom apartments with W/D included from $900 and two bedroom renovated apartments including w/d from $1245.

Broomfield Colorado apartments

A closer look at the Broomfield Market

Broomfield Colorado apartments are going up in price and down in vacancy.  Broomfield county has the largest rent increase in the Denver-metro in the last year.  Vacancy rates continue to drop even though some new apartments in bordering towns like Louisville and Lafayette have new apartments for rent adding to the amount of rentals in the Broomfield, Westminster, Louisville, Superior and Boulder areas.

To find a good deal on a Broomfield apartment isn’t easy.  broomfield, co apartments

Major employers like Storage Tek and Level 3 are consistently bringing new employees to the area.  That’s why using a company like Apartment Z to find your apartment in northwest Denver, or the entire Denver metro for that matter, is the smart approach.

Apartment GuyZ monitors rents on thousands of Denver apartments on a daily basis and will make sure you get the nicest apartment for the least amount of money.

Interested in learning more or getting started in finding a Broomfield apartment? Contact us online today.

Best way to find rentals in Denver

Apartment Guyz is a long time Denver favorite for finding Denver rentals.  Offering free apartment finding assistance and free employee relocation assistance because landlords pay Apartment Guyz to fill vacancies fast.  Get third party impartial advice and matched up with rentals that best fit your needs.

Apartment Guyz hosts hundreds of listings renters can browse online at

Vacancy rates continue to rise in Denver, but with the addition of dozens of new apartment communities there is always a good deal to find on apartments, lofts, and townhomes.  Google search Apartment Guyz, read our reviews, and give us a call.



Average rents in Denver hit $1049.

Are you curious about the average rental rates in Denver?  As of October 2013 the average rental rate in Denver is $1049, up 6% since October 2012.

Average price of a 1 bedroom in Denver:

Low End Low:  $750
Luxury High: $1450

Average price of 2 bedrooms in Denver:

Low End Low:  $950
Luxury High:  $1845

Almost 3,000 new apartments have been added this year but vacancy is still hovering around 5% because many older apartment communities are renovating keeping vacant apartments off the market for longer periods, and new construction apartments are not hitting their timelines pushing available dates of new apartments back.

It’s estimated that we will see over 10,000 new apartment units delivered in 2014.  Combine those units with the release of renovated apartments that are offline in 4th quarter 2013, and current apartments under construction that got pushed to 2014 and there may be some relief for renters as occupancy is projected to fall in 2014.

Apartment Guyz has already noticed a rise in specials and availability as properties try to maintain that 5% vacancy.

How can Apartment Guyz find you a better deal?  Apartment managers often reduce their marketing budgets significantly and increase renewal rates for existing renters significantly when occupancy hits 94% or better.  This creates a barrage of move outs, and a sleepy period of move ins reducing occupancy seemingly overnight 5-10%.   Then laws of supply and demand for Denver apartments takes over.  Prices drop and rent specials increase.

Apartment Guyz is always monitoring and updating hundreds of rentals daily.  When we find the good deals, we react quickly to ensure you get the best rate possible.

Want more information on Denver apartments and average rents?  Apartment Guyz has the 411 on average rental rates, good deals, area advice, and neighborhood information.  We use this to make sure renters get a great deal on apartments that fit their personality as well as budget.



Rent vs. Buy in Denver

Is it better to rent or buy in Denver?  The answer is yes and no.

We ran some sample calculations using the NY Times Rent Vs. Buy calculator and plugged in some Denver home owner statistics to find some Denver rent vs. buy statistics to share with you.

Let’s start with 1 bedroom rent vs. buy

Right now, the average price of a 1 bedroom condo is $173,000.  Of course there are cheaper and pricier locations but this is the median price of a 1 bedroom condo in the Denver metro area.  Because condo prices are stagnant I don’t expect there to be a positive or negative change in condo value for the next couple years.  3 years from now when developers start building condos again there will most likely be a drop in value, so let’s just keep the median price at a zero percent change for the next 7-10 years.   For a rental equivalent to a $173,000 condo you’ll expect to pay at least $1200 rent  for a 1 bedroom when you factor in a garage which most condos at $173,000 will have.   Note that you can vary numbers and come up with your own statistics, but I’ve ran the numbers for condos in many price ranges and they are all coming out with a similar result.

You must keep your 1 bedroom condo in Denver for at least 14 years to save money when factoring rent vs. buy.

Some variables you can use are property tax at .5%.  Also use some advanced settings to factor in your HOA dues ($200 or more), cost of buying a home (4%), Cost of selling home if you have to leave before your 7th year (5%), 30 year mortgage,  10% down payment, 2% inflation rate.  I included the 5% cost of selling home because if you have to sell in your 8th year of ownership that is a very important cost  to factor in.  At best for 1 bedroom condo rentals I came up with 6 years, if you get an amazing area in an up and coming neighborhood and the neighborhood does really make it up. rent vs. buy

Now let’s consider 2 bedroom apartment rent vs. buy

The average 2 bedroom condo sale price this year is $250,000.  The lowest active listing I found was $89,000 and they go up into the $500,00-$1,000,000 range in the more upscale locations.  Using similar variables to our 1 bedroom experiment except that we are going to give a 1% variable on the Annual home price change because it’s much easier to sell a two bedroom condo vs. one bedroom condo.  Rent you can expect to pay for a condo that is equivalent to what you would pay $250,000 for is $1700 and may or may not include a garage.  This result is more promising with buying being better after only 5 years.

Finally, let’s consider a three plus plus bedroom rent vs. buy option in the Denver metro area.

The area median home price for the Denver Metro is $290,000 as reported by the Denver Post.  A three bedroom rental is going to cost around $1900 for something that is equivalent to a $290,000 home price.  This experiment is tricky, so it’s best to start researching how big of mortgage you can qualify for, see what you can buy in the area you desire, and then search for rentals.  This is where a real estate expert like Jane Hannen who does both rentals and sales come in handy.  Please contact me for her contact information or use the contact form on this site.  For variables I left the $200 association fee as it’s common and recommended to live in a planned unit development to ensure your neighborhood is well kept.  If you stay in your home for 6 years, buying is better.  There are so many variables with a 3 bedroom rent vs. buy analysis that I  cannot stress the importance of consulting with an experienced real estate agent like Jane.

In conclusion, a one bedroom condo is not a good purchase unless you are a long term investor and there is no possible way you will leave Denver in the next 14 years.  Two bedroom rentals are slightly better investments at only 6 years but this is contingent upon another 4-5 years of no new condo development.  Condo development is at a standstill in Denver and has been for the last 2 years, but pent up demand may be on the horizon in 2-3 years which would drive down the price of existing 2 bedroom condos in the Denver metro area.  Three bedrooms are really better to buy when you have settled down and have no plans to leave the area for 6 years and it’s imperative to seek the advice of an experienced real estate agent.

Want to learn more?

We’ve compiled some handy links to help you do your own rent vs. buy analysis for Denver

This is a good site to tell you not only what you would qualify for, but if it’s a smart decision based on your financial situation to rent vs. buy.

Denver market trends

By Brandon, Owner, Apartment GuyZ

Brandon has been finding Denver rentals for renters in Denver for over 13 years, and have been a licensed Colorado real estate agent for over 15 years. This gives me unique insights that most real estate agents focusing on either rentals or sales will not have.

Affordable luxury Denver rentals

Find luxury Denver rentals through Apartment Guyz fast and easy.  Featured upscale rental is a 1272 sq. ft. condo rental in Park Lane Condos in Denver’s most popular neighborhood, Washington Park.  480 S. Marion St. Denver, CO 80209.  Rents for $1850 and includes most utilities and basic cable.  This rental with indoor and outdoor pool also has access to two parking spaces, a library with wi-fi, bike room, and the rental itself has an extra storage unit.  To see this listing go to RentApartments.Info and do a Quick Search for area code 80209.

If you are moving to Denver Apartment Guyz has hundreds of active rentals like this Park Lane condo rental.  Our service is free because landlords pay us to fill their rentals fast with good renters.

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Upscale Washington Park Condo at Park Lane Condos

Amazing 3rd floor 2 bed 2 bath condo rental in Park Lane Condos available 6/15/2013. Asking $1850. Inquire and view photos for this listing by searching for Park Lane on

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Apply for Denver Apartments

If you are applying for an apartment community that Apartment Guyz is responsible for running your application for, please click on the Apply Now button:


Apartment Guyz is Denver’s best rated apartment finder

Apartment Guyz employees are often asked, “Why should I use Apartment Guyz?” Our standard answer is do a Google search for Apartment Guyz or Denver Apartment Finder and read our reviews.

All we do is shop for apartments and update the hundreds of available apartments in our database so we are experts on matching renters to the apartment that best fits their needs based on personality, budget, credit, pets, etc. We know where to find the best deals and who has the best customer service as well as community.

When you use Apartment Guyz to find a rental you get a better rental for less money. We’re open 7 days a week and Denver rental listings are available online 24-7 so give us a call at 303-649-0705, you’ll be glad you did!

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