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Winter in Moving Tips

Considering a Winter move? Take our advice on why and how to plan a painless moving experience

Benefits to Winter moving

A winter move may seem anything but warm and nice, but there are actually many upsides to choosing the winter or even fall months to switch abodes.

First, pricing. Avoiding the peak moving season can really be a boon for your wallet. Not only are rent prices less, but also moving services as well.

Avoiding the warmer months also means avoiding the crowds. This means that you may be able to enjoy more flexible scheduling for move-in dates and possibly more personalized attention from apartments and moving companies.

These are all great benefits to weather the cold (yes, we had to go there). So if youre planning a move during the cold season, check out our tips below to make the move go as smoothly as possible.

Our Winter moving checklist

  1. Check the weather frequently: this will help you dress appropriately and plan for the best time(s) to move
  2. Start early and be prepared: given the frequent weather changes in Colorado, plan for a narrow window to be outdoors moving boxes. It’s best to have all boxes ready to pack and go so the day-of you need only worry about loading and unloading.
  3. Keep extra supplies: another part of being prepared is having extra tape, jumper cables, gloves and other supplies on hand.
  4. Dress in layers: layers will help you stay warm, but be less bulky than a wool coat. As you start to get a workout it’ll also make it easy to take off a layer or two as you’re packing.
  5. Turn off the heat:With so many people going in and out of your home, why battle keeping it warm? Some some hard-earned cash and turn off the heat in both your new and old units.
  6. Check that parking area and/or lane-ways are clear: no matter what the time of year you move, always ensure there’s parking available for moving truck(s) or vehicles. This includes checking for clear sidewalks free of leaves and snow. Also, if you’re moving into a large apartment complex check with the building on the best loading options and if you can reserve a dedicated elevator.

Denver Rentals: Is Now the Time to Move?

Summer is heating up, and you’d have to live in a bubble not to hear that the Denver rental market is alsohot. But exactly how hot is it, and what can we expect in the coming months? The Apartment GuyZ team looked at a variety of metrics including trending data from Zillow, Market Insights, Craigslist and our own property database to determine just where we are.

National Rental Market Averages

On average, rents in the U.S. remained flat or nearly flat for 1-4 bedrooms toward thebeginning of the year. However, when comparing 2017 to 2016, rents saw an average increase of .7% for rentals across the board.

Denver Rent Market Trends

In comparison, the Denver market for rentals rose .8% to an average of$1,976 per month according to Zillow. While that may seem like great news (and it is!),this average doesn’t tell the whole story.

The top neighborhoods in Denver, according to Zillow, actually had as high as a 10% increase year over year but were even outed by neighborhoods which actually fell in price due to growing inventory.

So as we’ve been seeing for the past year, the market continues to correct itself from the double digit increases we saw in 2013-2015, but we still have a ways to go to for full relief.

A lot of our clients right now are looking for 1 bedrooms, want to lock in 12 month leases, and prefer to be in walk-able, urban neighborhoods (Ballpark,Capitol Hill, LoHi, among others). These are the areas where there is demand, but also where the city is investing in communities.

That means that there are possible deals to be found, if you’re timing is right. So if youve been waiting to rent or lease your apartment, now is the time!

Five Tips to Simplify Your Denver Move

Moving is hard enough, but moving to a new city is even harder (something we hear from dozens of apartment searchers every day). Besides using Apartment GuyZ to ease the burden, there are a few handy tips to keep in mind when moving to Denver — whether it is from across the county or across the state.

Here’s what we’ve learned.

Get a lay of the land

Familiarize yourself with your new home town by reading the city’s neighborhood guide. Our experienced locators can also help find the right neighborhood for you.

When checking out neighborhoods keep in mind what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for, your commute, and what time of homes are available in that neighborhood. Not all neighborhoods have townhouses, for example. Is walking to the grocery store a must? Or what about street parking and your commute?

When it comes to packing, have a game plan

Check out this handy out-of-state moving checklistand tip sheet. Insider tip: try to boxes of similar size as they stack better and allow for easier packing.

Keep up the job hunt

Business is thriving in the metro area. If you are looking for a job, the Denver Post has a list of the top 100 employers in Colorado.

Denver = a home, but also a lifestyle

Go out and experience Denver! As exciting as moving to a whole new city sounds, the reality is daunting. Fortunately, organized social groups like or aSport and Social Clubcan help. Kickball anyone?

Take it easy, relax and cut yourself some slack

You have more on your plate than usual with the move, take care of yourself along the way.

Once you do arrive, give yourself time to acclimate — not only to the altitude, but also to your surroundings. It can take many months to get into the swing of things and hey, that’s ok.

If you are already here, don’t forget to stay social and explore. Chances are there are a lot of new things in the city you haven’t seen or tried yet — and more new businesses are opening up every day!



Buying in CO? Test Drive by Renting First

If you’ve accepted a new job offer in Colorado, you’ve got a lot to consider outside of just accepting the offer. Where will you live? How long will the commute be? Is the neighborhood a gem or a dud? Why pile on the stress by adding a mortgage to an already hefty decision.

Now imagine if you can learn all those answers before you buy.

You can. Take your chosen neighborhood for a test drive by renting an apartment first.

Would I actually like living inCherry Creek, Denver, Highlands or LoDo? How will I know until its too late? Moving to a new city — especially a place like Denver, with mountains, nightlife, parks and tons of variety — is exciting. But it’s a little a scary too.

Well now, thanks to Apartment GuyZ, it doesn’t have to be!

Working withan apartment finder

As one of the longest-serving and most respected apartment finders, Apartment GuyZ works with more than 600 communities all across the Denver metro area. So whether you’re interested in Centennial to Boulder or specific Denver neighborhoods, give us a call.

Our agents not only know the properties and their communities, but also neighborhood information, schools, apartment restrictions and more. Looking for an attached garage? Have 50 lb dog (and two cats!). Have a panache for Dazbog coffee in walking distance to your new place? No problem.

We can help guide you to the right neighborhood at the right price.

Take stock of what really matters to you, in terms of where you live and choose accordingly — whether it is important that you are close to your job, shopping, schools or entertainment. By test driving your new home you’ll quickly become acquainted with the area, providing an opportunity to scout out potential new houses while taking stock of your surroundings and commute.

Denver’s Split Personality Market

The Denver real estate market could diverge in a big way in 2017, with apartment rental price increases plateauing or even decreasing, while home prices rising even higher.

Denver apartment market trends

A record number of new apartment communities means more vacancies and (potentially) falling rent prices or concessions for renters. But even steady prices means good news for a market that has seen double digit increases in the last few years.

According to Zillow, the media rental estimate for the Denver metro is $2,017 (no coincidence). This is more than $600 over the American average rental price of $1,411/month.

While Zillow doesn’t break down costs for average units in neighborhoods or with/without key amenities (in-unit washer/dryers, for example), those numbers seem fairly accurate for the large-scale, newer buildings coming to downtown and desirable neighborhoods.

Denver home price trends

In contrast, if too much supply is an issue with apartments, the opposite is true for Denver homes and condos, where new construction has failed to keep pace with gains in population and employment.

The median price of a home sold in Colorado last year rose 10 percent, with both new listings and the inventory of homes available for sale nearing historic lows. This news comes from the Colorado Association of Realtors.

This of course is a cautionary tale for renters. The low inventory, high demand and rising mortgage interest rates could drive more home searches back to apartments, boomeranging the rental market back to a more frenzied pace.

Best solution for home searchers

At the end of the day, we all need a safe place to lay our head. So, whether searching for a rental or a home the best advice is to plan early, evaluate all your options and stick to your budget.

Not sure what budget to keep in mind? Contact us for advice. We’re always here to help!

How Long Does it Take to Find an Apartment?

Apartment GuyZ tips for your next move timeline

Truth be told, finding an apartment begins long before you actually start hunting moving can be pricey, not to mention stressful and time-consuming so having plenty of lead time is a real advantage.

Lead Time for Finding an Apartment: Several Months (If Possible)

Whether looking for your first apartment or just ready to move on,planning can be essential to getting the best rental for your needs. Don’t have a lot of time? No problem. We can help with that too!

Plan your budget two or so months before your moving date. The amount of money you can afford to spend each month will determine where you look for a place and the type of apartments you view.

Once youve settled on your rent budget, look for apartments and neighborhoods in your price range. Compile a list of all the units you want to view. Staying organized now will help you stick to your apartment hunting timeline.

Two Months Before Moving

Apartments in Denver typically require 60-90 days notice to end a lease, which means you’ll be able to know exact units available long before you need to move. As you approach the two-month mark, start scheduling apartment tours. If you are a planner you can ever start a few weeks early!

With so many apartments out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Make a list of needs, use our rental database or give us a call to understand your options.

Planning aheadgives you enough time to see multiple places, go through the paperwork process and pack (assuming you find a place you like). Shopping early also gets you the best deals and flexibility on unit availability.

On the chance that nothing is available to view and sign the day you search, youll still walk away understanding what you can expect within your budget as well as get a good feel for what neighborhoods and amenities you like.

A Month Before Moving

This is crunch time.

A worthwhile rental is not just an apartment, but a home. Considercommuting distance,budget, nearby grocery stores(or other priority amenities) and safety.

As soon as you find the right apartment for you, go ahead and start the paperwork process.Aside from the apartment application (which checks your credit score and eligibility), you’ll have to fill out the lease and other supporting documents.

Two to Three Weeks Before Move-In

Finish up any remaining paperwork at this time and schedule movers or friends to help on the big day. Your leasing agency or landlord may also need you to finalize rental details, submit a deposit andpick up keys.

How to Choose a Reliable Mover

Whenit’s time to make a move, selecting a trustworthy moving organization is critical for not only peace of mind but also for safety. Since movers are responsible for transporting all of your belongings and have access to your home it’s important to be aware of their track record and confirm their reliability.

While most renters have smooth experiences when using movers, there are others who have to deal with late arrivals, no shows, hidden fees or even lost or damage property. Worse yet, some consumers have even alleged that movers have stolen possessions or held their things hostage until fees are sorted out.

So how do you know if you are dealing with a reputable company? Learn the basic steps to verify companies although, it also wouldn’t hurt to get personal recommendations from trusted friends or family.

Step 1: Verify Business Licence

Every single moving company authorized in the US. should be registered with the Department of Transportation((DOT) and will receive a permit called a US DOT number. Movers permit numbers need to be renewed annually so checking the number’s legitimacy is vital.

To check a company’s DOT number, visit the DOTwebsite then enter the number where you’re prompted.

Checking the mover’s permit data will also declare any inspection results, reported accidents, among other issues.

Step 2: Check Better Business Bureau Status

BBB receives more than 7,700 complaints nationally against moving companies annually. So in addition to checking on a company’s permit looking up their BBB status is also a smart move. Any company accepted by the BBB is likely be a reputable company to use when moving — in order to be accepted a mover must meet the following eight criteria:

  • Build Trust
  • Advertise Honestly
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Transparent
  • Honor Promises
  • Be Responsive
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity

Step 3: Review Testimonials & Online Sites

Lastly, online testimonials and sites like can be extremely helpful by providing customer reviews of their experiences. Conversely, if you see a number of customer complaints, it’s likely a company you want to stay away from.


Winter Driving Tips

Tips for non-natives to survive (and thrive) Colorado’s ice and snowstorms

Denver was among the top cities for population growth in 2014, according to the Denver Post. That means a lot of newbie winter drivers this season. But no need to fret, Apartment GuyZ (and GirlZ) are here to provide some words of wisdom for getting through this winter wonderland.

Test your tires and breaks before you really need them

Before you get yourself in a bad situation, find an empty parking lot near your home on a winter day and take your car for a test-drive. That means turning radius, breaking and how far your car may (or may not) slide in snowy conditions. This will help you better understand your car’s handling and also how to react in a bad situation.

Slow down

It probably goes without saying but if there is snow on the ground, slow down. This is especially true on bridges and overpasses which freeze over quicker than normal roads.

Check your tires (and consider upgrades)

Having a good tread and winter tires can do wonders in the winter. At the very least, check your tire tread and get all-season tires. Chains or studs are not usually necessary for normal commuting. If you do opt in for chains, however, be sure to review Colorado’s chain laws.

Snow tires vs all-season tires

Speaking of tires… which are best?

Snow tires, aka winter tires, have the best traction and shortest stopping distances on snow and ice. If you need todrive no matter the conditions they will keep you safely on the road in the broadest spread of conditions. The down side is they aren’t meant for warm weather so you’ll need to switch them out during the Summer.

All-season tires are just that — tires that can get you through all sorts of weather. While they do offer more flexibility and ease, they don’t offer as much grip as winter tires. Stopping distance is also impaired (but better than other tires).

When in doubt, stick to major roadways

If you are worried about whether you can make it out and about, stick to major roadways and interstates. While accumulation is not as much of a problem as you get closer in to Denver, icy roads and hazardous white-outs can happen anywhere.

Major roadways are not only more traveled (if you need assistance) but are also frequently cleared by road crew.

AWD, four-wheel drive and SUVs are not impervious

Sometimes, all-wheel driver have a false sense of security when driving during snow, causing them to enter turns too quickly or be unprepared when they skid out. AWD can only aid acceleration. It doesn’t provide more grip in corners, or help drivers stop.

Steer into spins

If you catch yourself sliding or spinning, turn your wheelinto the spin. Once you get traction again, then straighten out. Most people’s initial reaction to jerk the wheel in the opposite direction or break hard. Unfortunately, both of these reactions will only cause the car to go further into a tailspin.

Practice in a parking lot until it becomes a habit.

Best Apartments in Denver

Finding your next apartment rental in Denver can be tough if you don’t know where to start (we know, we’ve been there!). But even if you have a good list to go from, how do you know if it’s the best for you?

Apartment GuyZ agents answers these questions every day, and after talking with thousands of rentals both during the process and after they move in we have a unique understanding of the best units available. More importantly, we’ve seen some common trends in what renters want when they think of the “best of the best” apartments on the market.

Best Apartment Amenities

When hunting for an apartment, most searchers hone in on just a few must haves: an affordable price in a convenient location that allows pets and has ________ (a garage, a dishwasher, A/C).

However, many apartments across the Denver metro are packing in the perks to get renters to take notice (includingpet-friendly ones). From rooftop dog walks to electric car charging stations to infinity pools, new complexes and old are redefining apartment living.

And renters are indeed taking note.

Depending on your specific community, there could be a whole world of unique amenities and features right outside your front door. Many of the upscale communities offer the convenience of having everything at your fingertips, so you’ll be able to have a good time without going far, no matter what neighborhood you’re in.

Best Rentals with Views

Denver’s mixture of urban and suburban communities means beautiful views can be seen atop most any apartment building whether it be of the bustling city streets, serene green spaces or beautiful mountain views.

Corner unit, penthouse floor, pool-side view? If you have a specific apartment request, speak up! We’ll do our best to find it.

Best Deals

For many renters, the best apartment doesn’t come with the largest closets or even an underground garage — it comes with a great price tag.

That’s where Apartment GuyZ locators really work their stuff. Since prices in Denver can often change by the day or even week, we’re in constant contact with communities to know who has a leasing sale, when a deal is really a steal and when a price is likely to move up or down.

Even better, some of these properties are brand new and coming out with lease-up deals to fill their units fast. For Denver, fast can mean an hour or a day. So we can call our renters to let them know their unit is on the market in their ideal range!

While prices vary depending upon neighborhood, unit size and community age, they can start as low as $1300s per month, while others may cost more than $4,000 a month.

Best Bet: Working with Apartment GuyZ

Not sure where to start or which communities offer the best mix of amenities for you? NO problem. Our agents visit every property and know every neighborhood so often the simplest way to cut through the field is to give us call.

We can give you as much or as little help as you need — often, just 15 minutes can match you with the best place for you.

Give us a call or contact us online — we’ll help you find your next apartment in Denverfast.

Employee Relocation Assistance

Free employee relocation offered by Apartment GuyZ

Our free assistance includes access to online listings, live chat support, individual assistance from qualified locators and advice on where to live in Denver.

It’s free because hundreds of landlords want employees of the largest Denver employers to live at their property, so they pay Apartment Guyz to bring employees moving to Denver to their rental properties.

Working with HR/employees on relocation

Denver employee relocation programs are rarely sponsored by companies anymore and the cost of moving to Denver generally is the responsibility of the employees.

Even some of Colorado’s largest employers like Dish Network, Echostar, Comcast, Kaiser, and Ch2M Hill no longer contribute company dollars to moving an employee to Denver.

Apartment GuyZ ensures employees get the best price available in the nicest rentals reducing the stress and cost of moving to Denver. Employees have an easier time moving to Denver and employers have an employee more focused on their new job than wondering if they made a good choice.

Flexible leasing options for employees relocating to Denver

One of the largest expenses in moving to Denver is obtaining a short or long term rental. Denver rentals are priced by demand and by length of the lease, making odd lease times extremely expensive.

Our agents know the market inside and out, and can offer guidance on the properties that offer more flexible lease options or a better deal on pricing. We pride ourselves in our expertise and knowledge and ability to steer people towards the rental that fits their budget and wish list.

Even if you work for a smaller company or your employer is not on our list of employers eligible for rental discounts and free rent we are continually adding to all Denver employers large and small.

Apartment GuyZ relocation services

We’ll work with you closely to implement the goals of your relocation program effectively whether it’s a large group move, key employee relocations, high level executive transferee, individual relocations, families, domestic or international moves.

We provide placement throughout the Denver metro area including DTC, LODO, downtown, Cherry Creek, Boulder and the Highlands.

  • Rental finding & locating
  • Temporary housing assistance
  • Neighborhood 0rientation & tours (when available)
If you are an employer wanting assistance for your employees or are an employee relocating to Denver for work and want more information about the Apartment Guyz free employee relocation program please call the employee relocation hotline at 303-649-0705.

Moving to Denver: Market Update

A City on the Rise

Moving to Denver is an exciting experience. We are currently attracting well educated young professionals, retirees, students, and people just looking for a better climate and lifestyle. Denver has a relatively mild climate with many outdoor activities like Skiing and hiking as well as great beer, sports teams and a growing foodie scene.

So it’s no surprise people are taking notice (and probably why you’re reading this now).

Redefining Apartment Living

Over the last few years Downtown Denver has had a total remake including thousands of brand new upscale apartments. Along with rising prices, these communities bring convenience and luxury to living in Denver to a whole new scale. Working with more than 600+ communities, we’ve seen about everything including:

  • Rooftop pools
  • Heated garages
  • On-site personal trainers
  • Maid and pet walkers on call
  • Valet car parking
  • Bike repair shops
  • Dog washes
  • On-site markets

Of course, not every property boasts all these amenities (nor should they). However, this level of service in so many downtown Denver apartments means renters can not only enjoy more upscale options but also the more typical amenities are becoming common place (dishwashers, garages, etc).

Additionally, 2016 will see another 1,000+ apartments added to the market. Many of these properties are going into the suburbs like Littleton, Lakewood, Denver Tech Center, and Aurora — in addition to growing neighborhoods such as Sloans Lake.

The great thing about these apartments is the location. Most of these brand new apartment communities are built on the light rail.  For a map of the light rail system visit RTD here.

Many Denver apartment communities advertise direct access to the light rail but that may not be the case.  Still, with an overall approval rating of 4.2 out of 5 even if you have to make one transfer from bus to light rail these properties will still be a good option.

Apartment Units Up, Vacancies Down

Despite the additional properties coming to Denver, the influx of people is still outpacing construction. Ongoing reports show vacancies (the amount of available rentals) continue to shrink — and available rent specials and good deals shrink right along with it.

Fortunately, Apartment Guyz are experts in researching options for you. Find affordable luxury Denver rentals that best fit your needs based on personality, commute, budget, credit standing, location to public transit, and more.

Contact Apartment GuyZ today at 303-649-0705 or start your search now.

Denver’s Population Growth

Newdata from the U.S. Census Bureaushows that Denver area’spopulation continues to grow — reaching 682,545 by July 2015 (the last month tailed). That represents a nearly 3% increase from 2014 or18,582 additional residents. Moreover, the latest report shows a 13% increase in population since 2010.

Stats also showed that Broomfield County had the state’s fastest growth rate, making the top five in the country.

Population growth a mixed bag

The rise in population growth reflects the growing interest in Denver as a technology and small business hub, as well as the rise in marijuana-related industries. Along with the growing population, the city has seen soaring rent prices, a real-estate boom and rising costs of living.

Read more at the Denver Post.

Colorado Fun Facts

There is a lot that Colorado is known for, from everything from great skiing to national parks and a great football team. But whether you’re a newbie or a local, there’s always something to learn about our great state of Colorado.

How many of our fun facts do you know?

Colorado trivia

The highest paved road in North America is located just outside Idaho Springs: the road to Mt. Evans off of I-70 climbs up to 14,258 feet above sea level.

The world’s largest rodeo occurs in Denver ever year, the Western Stock Show.

More than 125,000 valentines are re-mailed each year from Loveland, CO.

Denver International Airport covers 53 square miles is nearly twice the size of Manhattan and the second largest airport in the world.

Colorado has the highest mean elevation of any state, with more than 1,000 Rocky Mountain peaks higher than 10,000 feet and 54 above 14,000 feet.

Colorado means colored red and is known as the Centennial State since it became a state in the 100th year after the United States Declaration of Independence.

It took 300 million years to create Red Rocks Amphitheater.

There are 52 “Fourteeners” in Colorado.

The 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is exactly 1 mile high above sea level.

Colorado loves beer.No, really.In fact, we’re home to more microbreweries per capita than any other state.

The world’s largest natural hot springs pool takes up two whole blocks and is located in Glenwood Springs.

Colorado is home to four National Parks Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison — along with nine national forests. If fact, half of the state is public land.

Why Apartment GuyZ Renter Service is Free

Apartment GuyZ rental service has and always will remain free for our searchers.

Our agents have been on the other side of the fence when looking for a new home, and we firmly believe that renting a new apartment should be hassle-free.

That’s why we pride ourselves on supplying great customer service, personalized apartment listings, and knowledgeable advice — free of charge, with no strings attached.

How does Apartment GuyZ offer free apartment locating?

Our locators are paid through property marketing budgets, keeping searching free for our users.

The prices our customers gain through the rental properties are the same as if they rented on their own, with the added benefit of our expertise and knowledge.

We work with more than 600 area properties — from rental apartments, condos and townhouses
throughout Denver and Colorado’s Front range — meaning we can often source clients to the property with the best deals, amenities or desired community “feel.”

Using our online database, clients can view recommended properties or search on their own. Our property match system allows users to filter search results by price, bedrooms, neighborhood, pets, community features, and more.

December 2015 Events

There’s more to Colorado winter’s than skiing and snow. Check out these events in the greater Denver area going down in December.

Olde Golden Christmas

Every Saturday throughout December in Old Town Golden
Experience small town, authentic holiday charm at Olde Golden Christmas in historic downtown Golden. The celebration features Victorian carolers, holiday art market, and  a holiday light display along Clear Creek. Don’t miss special fireworks on December 4th and Olde Golden Christmas parades on the 5th, 12th, and 19th.

Denver Christkindl Market

Throughout the month in Denver
Enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the 15th annual Denver Christkindl Market, a miniature German village created in Skyline Park.  Enjoy Bavarian musicians play classic carols and dance-worthy melodies, and vendors dish up specialties served at traditional German Christmas markets, including baked apples,  charcoal-grilled sausages spicy mulled wine, and gingerbread biscuits.

Skyline ice skating rink

Open daily until Feb. 15, 2016 in Denver
If you find yourself in downtown Denver checking out the market you may also want to head over to Skyline Park at 16th and Arapahoe Streets to enjoy the annual ice skating rink. The rink is open daily until Feb. 15, 2016 and is free if you bring your own skates. Otherwise, skate rental is $2.

Denver Parade of Lights

Dec. 4–5, 2015 in Denver
No other holiday bash in Denver can hold a candle to the grandeur that is the Denver Parade of Lights. Arrive early to watch the impressive floats, festive marching bands, dancing groups, and more take over the streets of downtown.

Lighting of Breckenridge

Dec. 5, 2015 in Breckenridge
The Summit Choral Society sings timeless holiday carols, the Race of the Santas starts on Breckenridge’s Main Street, cookies and hot cocoa are served, trees are lit, the Bernese Mountain Dog Parade knocks everyone’s socks off with its cuteness and Santa visits the Barney Ford Museum.

Festival of Lights Parade

Dec. 5, 2015 in Downtown Colorado Springs
Floats, high-school marching bands, groups on horseback and Santa Claus himself bring the holiday spirit at this family favorite outside Denver.

Vail Snow Daze

Dec. 11–13, 2015 in Vale
This celebration welcomes the skiing season with free concerts, a rockin’ street fair and a tree-lighting ceremony. This year’s headliners include The Wallflowers, Lukas Nelson & P.O.T.R. and Rusted Root.

Denver Pavilions Carousel

Dec. 11-23 in Denver
Another beloved downtown holiday event is the opening of the Denver Pavillion’s holiday carousel. Rides cost $3 typically, but if you are patronizing the shops or donate a can for the Food Bank of the Rockies you can get a free ride.

12 Days of Aspen

Dec. 20–31, 2015 in Aspen
Downtown Aspen comes alive with a variety of free holiday activities, cookies, hot chocolate (and much more!) to celebrate the holidays and the winter season.